10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

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Everyone loves Twitter. People who hate Twitter love Twitter. It is the time-wasting behemoth of our generation, as well as one of the best marketing tools ever created.

When you have a platform that can be a huge efficiency-sucker and you actually need it for work, it’s difficult to strike the right balance. Keep tweeting — just do it smarter. These tools enable you to tweet more productively and make big gains on your results. Really.

1. Best Tool to Quickly Reply to Important Tweets

Tweetdeck (free) is, I think, the oldest and the least popular tool on the list. But you know what? It rocks for Twitter productivity. I have a separate column set up that sends me a pop-up message every time a tweet mentions my @handle.

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

I only get the pop-up when tweets require some interaction right away (those tweets addressing me), and I can reply from that pop-up immediately, too. Many Twitter users who interact with me have mentioned how impressed they are by how fast I reply.

2. Best Tool to Come up with Twitter Content Ideas

It is pretty tough to keep coming up with engaging content ideas for your Twitter feed. I use a variety of tricks to find diverse content ideas but the most efficient tool is Text Optimizer (paid with a free trial) which identifies popular niche questions in any niche.

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

3. Best Tool to Schedule Re-shares of the Same URL

MavSocial (freemium) supports multiple Twitter accounts (and many other social networks as well) and allows for easy tweet scheduling. These benefits have turned me into a MavSocial ambassador. I love their calendar feature outlining my scheduled tweets one month ahead.

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

Alternative: Hootsuite. Everyone knows this tool, but not everyone knows how useful it is — and the price tag on the pro version is pretty low, too. Their customizable streams and auto-scheduling based on the best time for your particular followers and target regions are incredible. There are more community management tools and tips, so check out your options!

4. Best Tool to Analyze Your Twitter Traffic

If one of your goals is to build traffic and inbound leads from Twitter (which is probably the case), you need to set up your own on-site analytics to monitor the impact from your Twitter activity and how it reflects on your bottom line.
For example, Google Analytics allows you to measure the effectiveness of your Twitter traffic (as compared to other social media channels):

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

Other web analytics platforms would dig even deeper. For example, Finteza allows you to explore your Twitter audience demographics, including countries/cities they are coming from, devices they are using, etc. All of that information will help you craft more targeted Twitter marketing campaigns and make more informed marketing decisions.

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

5. Best Tool to Find and Tweet Trending Content

Drumup.io (freemium) is a cool new tool that, based on my query settings, searches for the most trending content and lets me easily schedule those updates to fill the gaps in my Twitter editorial calendar. The pro version allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts, upload images to go with your tweets and custom schedule your tweets.

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

The tool also lets you manage multiple accounts, grow your follower base as a brand (not an individual user) and use metrics to calculate results. They also have a “Repeat post” option, which allows you to automatically recycle the same update more times in the future.

6. Best Tool to Quickly get an Idea how to Enhance Your Tweet

RiteTag (freemium) teaches you to craft better tweets. It suggests popular hashtags and helps you find appropriate GIFs, emojis and images.

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

It also gives you helpful tips — just click the “Coach” button. RiteTag integrates with multiple third-party services and provides you with analytics to help you plan your social interactions for the fastest possible growth. The automation is probably the best of all its features and what will slash your time tweeting in half.

7. Best Tool to Host Twitter Chats

Hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to build a community and grow your Twitter engagement. Regular Twitter chats make things easier to organize and scale. This is exactly what we have seen by hosting weekly Twitter chats over at Viral Content Bee.

TwChat is the tool we are using to host our chats as it makes conversations so much easier to follow.

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

8. Best Tool to Follow up on Missed Communication

Agorapulse (paid with a free trial) is your community and interactions analyzer. I use it a few times a week to check if I’ve missed any tweets mentioning my @handle.

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

This tool is great because unlike many others, it allows you to assign conversations to other members of your team. So managing your Twitter interactions becomes much more productive and manageable.

9. Best Tool to Create a Visual Quote Tweet

According to research by Buffer, you can get a 150 percent increase in retweets by including images in your tweets. Create attractive, Twitter-ready images in seconds with Snappa (freemium).

10 Tools to Streamline Your Twitter Strategy

Alternatives: Obviously, an obvious alternative is Canva which I use in combination with my favorite source of creative photos, Smart Photostock. But there are also a ton more free alternatives in case you need more.

10. Best Tool to Find New People to Follow and Interact With

Buzzsumo (paid with a free trial) is my favorite Twitter bio search tool. That’s the feature I mostly use it for.

10 tools to streamline your twitter strategy

With Buzzsumo, you can search for anything on a person’s profile, giving you a fuller search metric. Find out the response and reply ratios as well to identify how much each Twitter user interacts with others. Imagine what you can do with your influencer marketing and engagement with that information.

The above tools do many of the same things, but some will meet needs others don’t. So you should have no trouble finding the perfect one or two for you.

Do you have something to add to the list? We’d love to hear about it — leave us a comment below.

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