7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends & How To Exploit Them

7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends and How to Exploit Them

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Data is one of the most valuable assets in marketing. And since marketing is the backbone of businesses, you can safely say that your business won’t survive without data. But what data do you need, and how do you employ it in your marketing strategies for optimal results? Answering these questions will put you a step ahead of the rest in the data-driven marketing industry.

This post addresses seven crucial trends that marketers are working on to better their results. You will learn how data drives marketing and the various ways to exploit your knowledge and the data you collect to maximize your revenues with new marketing approaches.

Follow these seven amazing data-driven marketing trends for the best conversions in anything you intend to achieve.

Ethical Collection of User Data

The past few years have been a tough hit for marketers. New laws put in place to protect user data prohibit anybody from collecting any data from their users without their consent. Big brands like Facebook and Google found themselves in lawsuits after breaching user data privacy.

The GDPR laws are implemented to curb spam and cyberbullying while giving control of information back to the users. That means that marketers should not try to spam people with purchased data. Following users across the web is an offense you want to distance yourself from.

Private data collection on your website analytics and user-identifiable information can help you to build your business. However, you should avoid third-party apps that can compromise with the data. You should keep the data and use it for internal marketing and user experience enhancement purposes. Your users should also be aware of the information you collect from them and how you intend to use it in your business.

Automated Personalized Marketing

Staying relevant in the industry is key if you want to succeed in your business. This does not only involve marketing your products within the niche but also staying relevant when addressing your customers. It all entails knowing who your customers are and what they like, then customize products for them.

Addressing a user only by their name and including generic items remains irrelevant. This is the point you realize that the data you collect privately is essential in growing your business by personalizing your offers for the customer.

As users navigate your site and view various products, you can tell what they like among your items. Each customer has their taste of the products they need and their variations. Instead of promoting every new product you launch to all consumers, you should target them with the products that match the specifications they are looking for.

Automating your marketing tools is the easiest and most advanced method of increasing the chances of making sales. With the right delivery, you have a 91% chance of closing a sale instead of random ads. Automation tools analyze the data in your database to know which user would like the new product or sale you are offering. That will help you to reduce spam and improve your marketing ROI.

Data-Based SEO

SEO is a major aspect of marketing to drive your business for the long-term. Ranking your website helps you to get quality targeted traffic that is interested in your products. However, you need to rank the correct keywords to attract the right audience. You should know who your target customers are, how they behave, and what they love before you can rank various keywords for your website.

Random SEO can see you on the top of Google, but your traffic and sales will remain at the lower end. The reason could be that you are ranking the wrong keywords. Your customers will not find you because what they are looking for is not ranking anywhere on the SERPs.

Using data, you can better understand the best way to rank your website and attract the correct audience for your products. Ubersuggest is a game-changer in SEO. You can analyze your competitors and better understand how your site can easily rank. For example, you can search your keywords or competitor domain.

Using the app allows you to collect enough data to drive your marketing goals. For instance, you can use the top ranking websites for the desired keyword to learn whether you are ranking the correct keyword or you mixed it in an unrelated niche. The number of backlinks can tell you how much more a link building agency can help you get a better ranking. Do not forget that the search volume and organic traffic are essential in making decisions when choosing appropriate keywords for SEO.

Employment of Qualitative Data

You still need to remember that understanding your customers is beneficial for your data-driven marketing efforts. Most trackers will capture quantitative data about your site visitors, but you need specific information that can help you to better understand the products your consumers love so that you can design them to meet their needs.

Instead of focusing on the gender and location of your visitors, it would be ideal to understand the age set of your consumers so that you can build a better user experience. You can also use surveys to better understand any specific details that your customers want in your next product launch so that you can invest in improving consumer satisfaction and promote relevant products.

It is easy for marketers to think that surveys and questionnaires are time-consuming and add little relevance to the building of brands. Modern tools can help you to gather responses from surveys and group them for easier analysis. In turn, you will use the responses to promote your products to people who matter most in your business.

Predictive Analytics

7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends and How to Exploit Them

Another way to understand your consumer is by referring to previous customers and their behavior. Google uses the feature to suggest searches that you might be interested in. Also, when typing in the search bar, Google will try to guess what you are typing and complete your search.

The technology takes into account how other users find information online and the content they search for frequently. This technology can work on your website to help customers find the information they need quickly and to offer customer support.

When a customer types on your website, predictive analytics can quickly analyze the structure of the phrase and recommend the FAQ or products related to the search. Certain search trends can also help customer care representatives to predict customer’s behavior after the search. They can then quickly chat them up to offer any help the customer needs or recommend alternative products that can satisfy your customers.

AI with Structured and Unstructured Data

There is so much data to exploit when setting up your data-driven marketing campaigns. Data can be either structured or unstructured. The structured data is easy to work with. It represents things that can be counted or specified for grouping. This includes things like location, age, and device type.

Unstructured data includes things like user videos, audio, comments, and other variations that you cannot specifically group. Digging into this data can help you to get better insights about your consumers, audience, and communities for better management and creation of campaigns.

With the use of artificial intelligence, you can define every user’s needs and create products that meet their needs. This will be a step further ahead of your competition. AI will collect the information you need from unstructured data to find customers that match your search criteria for relevant campaigns.

Identity Resolution for Better Customer Engagement

7 Crucial Data-Driven Marketing Trends & How To Exploit Them

You know that it is beneficial to know where your customers are and what they are up to. This includes all their social media channels and activities. This gives you a better understanding of their identities and interests. With all the information at hand, you can easily target the right audience across the various platforms when advertising.

StiristaLINK is an app that connects B2B and B2C and gives you access to all profiles for easier customer management. With your consumers in one place, you can easily collect fragments of data and make informed decisions with a complete understanding of your customers.

Identity resolution gives you a 360-degree view of the customers that you need to access. This simplification makes it even easier to access the prospects when you need to communicate with them on various platforms and social networks. That makes a foolproof way of reaching people who matter to your business with direct messaging of the relevant accounts.

To Sum it Up

Serious businesses intend to grow their reach and customers and maximize their profitability. Through data-driven marketing, you can reach more prospects that you can convert or retain for long-term business engagement. Marketing is always developing, and data is an essential part of the process.

Creating your data-driven marketing strategies based on data is the correct way of ensuring that you achieve the best in your efforts. However, you must first understand the data you need and how to exploit it for your benefit. That is why you need to understand the latest trends in marketing with data.

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