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3 Cloud Strategies You Probably Haven’t Considered

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So—you’ve finally convinced your CEO that moving to the cloud will increase the company’s agility, efficiency, and bottom line. The big question: now what? The fact is, despite its promise, cloud adoption itself won’t optimize your digital transformation. It’s time to start selling your boss on the following three additional cloud strategies that could help improve your efficiencies even more. …

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AI Deployment Challenges: 5 Tips to Help Overcome the Hurdles

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Everyone is talking about the power of AI and it’s slowly invading our lives—emphasis on slowly. While you might have a few AI assistants and connected devices in your house, the business world hasn’t fully jumped on board yet with AI. Sure, the forward-thinking companies have and those are the headline we are seeing, but I’m talking about full adoption …

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Managing Your Personal Data: Working Towards Protection Is A Team Effort

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Earlier this year, the Cambridge Analytica data scandal resulted in 87 million Facebook profiles being harvested for data. Over and over, we see scandal after scandal of our personal data, that is collected by a major company, compromised. The company admits to the occurrence, the public reacts in outrage and the company promises transparency and increased security in exchange. And …

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3 New Digital Transformation Success Stories

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Investments in digital transformation are expected to hit $2 trillion by 2019—up to 40 percent of IT spending. That’s good, right? After all, every company needs to enhance its tech adoption to move forward in today’s marketplace. Not so fast. Despite the free-wheeling investment in technology today, studies show that nearly 80 percent of CIOs rate their current digital strategy …

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Innovative Solutions: Why Turning to Everything as a Service Works

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The as-a-service marketplace isn’t new—but it’s definitely gaining both scope and momentum. Grounded strongly in the growing cloud-scape, the push for Everything as a Service (XaaS) is finding epic traction as forward-thinking CIOs look to shake up stagnate business models and generate new revenue streams. In fact, most experts agree: Everything as a Service is here to stay. But which …

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Speaking Engagements: Every Agency Owner’s Ace in the Hole

In Marketing and Social Business by Drew McLellanLeave a Comment

Stereotypically, speaking engagements may seem reserved for high-profile authors, nationally recognized experts, and former presidents. And while not as obvious, marketing professionals should seriously consider how securing the right speaking opportunities will not only elevate brands but they also hold the key to developing successful business opportunities. A common misconception about speaking engagements is they only serve to build a …

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4 Ways Collaboration Platforms Make Your Business More Productive

In Technology by Eric VidalLeave a Comment

How often is your department – or even your team – in the same place at the same time? Exactly. A combination of on-site and remote employees is the norm. Mobility reigns. Getting things done across teams, departments and even continents means we are using collaboration platforms more than ever. When collaboration technologies are well integrated into operations and company …

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The Most Important Principle of New Business Pitching

In Leadership by Steve BoehlerLeave a Comment

I learned the most important lesson about new business pitching from an unlikely source for a man in my business: record producer Jimmy Iovine. In 2013 I was a proud dad sitting in the audience at the University of Southern California’s commencement ceremony. The keynote speaker was famous music producer and co-founder of Beats headphones, Jimmy Iovine. He told an …

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Clients Long for Brave Agencies: 3 Fears to Conquer

In Leadership by Drew McLellanLeave a Comment

Launching an agency means challenges are bound to arise, and these challenges often revolve around money and perspective. When the two collide, that’s when most brave agencies stumble a bit. As soon as the words “revenue” and “loss” appear in the same sentence, many brave agencies understandably freeze with fear. It’s easy to lose objectivity and the ability to stay …