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The Next Role You Need to Fill—Analytics Translator 

In Big Data by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Big Data. It seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing about it. As more and more devices become connected via the IoT, companies everywhere are scrambling to collect, structure, and organize all of the data they can about their customers’ habits and desires. The only question: who is helping them use that data to maximize it’s power for their …

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Protecting Brand Reputation with the Right Digital Ad Selection 

In Marketing by Eric VidalLeave a Comment

It’s easy to focus on the content of a digital advertisement. Does it accurately reflect your brand’s message? Does it engage your target audience? Does it grab and hold attention? Today, we’ve added another key question to the conversation: In a world where fake news stories and inflammatory, derogatory content are ever-present online—and a world where programmatic advertising is the norm—what is …

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Is Facebook done? No. Not yet anyway. But the social network is skating on very thin ice

In Social Media Strategy, Technology by Olivier BlanchardLeave a Comment

Many of you have asked for my opinion on the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data scandal and what it means for the future of Facebook so here it is: No company can survive very long without its customers’ (or users’) trust. Banks, insurance companies, retailers, hotels… it doesn’t matter: Lose your customers’ trust, and they will take their business elsewhere. …