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Are You Rewarding Agency Employees the Right Way?

In HR Tech by Steve FarberLeave a Comment

Pause for a few seconds and make a mental note of the five-to-ten most recent examples of how you are rewarding agency employees within your organization. In other words, who got a raise, a bonus, a promotion, an award or some other form of recognition for a job well done? In many organizations, perhaps even most, those honors go to …

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Alibaba vs. Amazon: The Battle of Disruptive Innovation Beyond Traditional E-Commerce

In Big Data by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

If one thing is for certain, it’s that there is a dominant figure in the e-commerce world. I bet your mind instantly went to Amazon—and for good reason. They have 300 million active users, bring in billions of online revenue each year, and hold 49.1 percent of the US e-commerce market share. They are the literal definition of a tech …

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Want Digital Transformation? Encourage Continuous Learning for All Employees

In Future of Work by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Recently, we’ve seen upskilling and retraining programs emerge in workforces across the globe. Companies are taking the time to help their employees learn new skills for new positions as new technology emerges. This is great, don’t get me wrong, but I think we need to focus more on continuous learning for all employees. This definitely would work in conjunction with …

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People Analytics Enables HR Transformation

In Future of Work by Eric VidalLeave a Comment

Companies have been relying on data for making decisions for years now, but people analytics is a fairly new tactic. If you’re not familiar with the term people analytics, it describes a situation in which you use data to manage people. More specifically, many companies are starting to use people analytics to not only hire new employees, but also put …

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How Inclusion and Diversity Have a Big Impact on Global Mobility Programs [Report]

In Future of Work by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

It makes sense for any international company to maximize its performance by tapping into the largest talent pool available. Yet according to a recent report, while most do have Global Mobility Programs in place, many are falling short due to a failure to understand how inclusion and diversity impact global mobility programs. The report, Inclusion and Diversity: How Global Mobility …

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A Fresh Start: How To Change Career Paths

In Future of Work by Simon DaviesLeave a Comment

Considering 85 percent of people hate their jobs, it’s no surprise that plenty of us are looking to change career paths. For many, though, shifting direction to an entirely new career remains a pipe dream, and we plough apathetically on in our unfulfilling industries. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re thinking of following your heart and …

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Redefining CIOs in the Digital Era

In CIO/IT by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Perhaps no one is having a greater identity crisis in digital transformation than the CIO. Back in the day, IT was IT. It meant keeping machines running. Keeping systems safe. Staying in the back-office and showing up in the Board room only when rarely needed. But we’re redefining CIOs in the digital era in big and exciting ways. In fact, …

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Balancing Customer Experience And Tech: Do You Have Too Much Technology In Your Workplace?

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Is it possible to have too much technology in your workplace? Experts say yes. Though it’s easy to be mesmerized by the next big digital opportunity in today’s market, chances are good many of us are adopting far more tech than we need—and wasting a lot of time and resources in the process. Today, the most agile businesses are working …

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5 Reasons DevOps and Security Need to Work Together

In Security by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

There is nothing like speeding up your business processes and development cycles is there? DevOps has revolutionized the way businesses meet the constantly evolving needs of their customers, without sacrificing productivity. Even as good as it sounds, it can still come at a price if DevOps and security are not working together. With the speed at which new iterations are …

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Unique Ways Businesses Recruit Top Talent

In HR Recruitment by Sara CarterLeave a Comment

Top talent can be hard to come by these days, and the pool is only becoming more and more competitive. This makes it difficult not only for applicants eagerly seeking a job, but it can also make the hiring process more strenuous for companies. Every team wants the best of the best, and there are a number of unique methods …