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Generation Z: Teens, Tech, and What the Future Holds

In Market Research, Mobile, Technology by Shelly Kramer3 Comments

I abhor sweeping generalizations and tossing all members of a demographic group into a stereotype. While the reality is that it is not uncommon for people in certain age groups to have distinct preferences, interests, and tendencies, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all in that age group, and there are exceptions in every instance. But, whether you’re a marketer, a …

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Omnichannel: Understanding the New Customer Journey

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The balance of power has shifted subtly over the last few years in the B2B market. From a situation where sellers were once pretty much in control of the buyer’s journey through a limited number of channels, we have seen the rise of the self-directed, sophisticated B2B buyer who has a plethora of available channels, and who wants to be …

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Omni-Channel: The Critical Role Mobile Plays

In Mobile, Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

All thoughts and opinions are my own. Omni-channel is a hot topic that’s getting a lot of attention these days from brands worldwide. And, why not? Buying has changed since the dawn of the omni-channel shopper. Today, it can take months for someone to decide to buy, a process that can connect them to a brand in person, online, or …

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Is Your Business Optimized for Cloud? Most Fall Short, New Study Says [REPORT]

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There’s a lot of talk about cloud these days—which one is best (public, private, or hybrid)? What’s the best adoption strategy? How do you handle security? What are the risks and benefits? The pros and cons? And, a big question likely on the minds of a lot of you enterprise execs and IT directors…what are others in my industry doing …

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Why Your Brand Needs to Find the Social Promoters

In Social Media Strategy by Shelly Kramer1 Comment

Influencer marketing is all the rage, but in too many instances, brands get this wrong. A big follower base on a particular channel, or a certain amount of website traffic does not a successful influencer make. Influence, by its definition, means the ability to get people to do something. Vanity metrics like friend/follower counts, “likes,” or even traffic data doesn’t …