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How to Become a Webinar Master in Under an Hour

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Are you utilizing webinars to promote your business’ products or services? If not, you should be. A webinar can be an important part of your marketing plan due to its conversational and engaging nature. It gives you the ability to speak directly to your audience, while answering questions, gaining feedback and building relationships between you and your viewers. Being a webinar master can be a gamechanger for your marketing plan.

There are many reasons why a webinar is perfect for list-building, promotion and content marketing. However, in the past, a webinar was tedious and difficult to manage due to the type of software it required. Nowadays, creating and inviting your audience to view your webinar is simpler than ever. In fact, you can become a webinar master in under an hour.

Become a Webinar Master in Under an Hour – The Master Class

Eric Vidal, CMO of Broadsuite Media Group and webinar expert will be conducting a webinar master class, teaching you everything you need to know about creating and marketing your own webinars.

This master class aims to explore everything you need to do before, during and after your webinar to be successful each and every time. Eric Vidal brings real world best practices to the table about preparing your content, engaging with your audience, promoting your event and weaving webinars into your marketing strategy seamlessly.

During this class, you will work one on one with Eric, walking away with a customized task list and best practice guide to use for your business. Think it can’t get better than that? There are no fees associated with the class, just critical knowledge for webinar promotion.

What Will You Learn from the Class?

Each attendee of the class will walk away with knowledge including:

  • How to create compelling content for webinars
  • How to engage your audience and keep them engaged
  • How to leverage video in your webinar strategy
  • The big mistakes your peers and competition often make and how you can avoid them
  • How to promote your online event
  • How to keep the conversation and your content alive after the webinar is over

All of this and more will be discussed as Eric takes you through the best practice guide and helps you create a tailor-made task list to implement into your content marketing strategy. You will be free to ask questions and gain pertinent knowledge that will help you become a true webinar master.

Join us on June 14th at 10 a.m. PST and 1 p.m. EST to become a webinar master. Click here to register and save your spot now.