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Learning to Use Your Email to Boost Your ROI

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The philosophy of boosting your ROI using email marketing campaigns pretty much boils down to two steps: making certain that your emails reach customers’ inboxes and providing mobile-ready, to-the-point content.

The actual secret of the efficiency of email marketing lies in the fact that 90 percent of emails reach customers’ inboxes, as opposed to 2 percent of ads reaching Facebook newsfeeds. Email campaigns are 40x more efficient at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. Coupled with the fact that email services are free to use and that the majority of adults use it on a daily basis should give you some idea on how powerful email campaigns can be in the right environment. Boosting your ROI with email campaigns is a great idea.

A Word on Mobility

It’s a fact that 53 percent of emails are accessed via mobile devices, which means that every marketing campaign purporting to become important must be mobile-ready. The number of new mobile device users rises at a 20-percent annual rate, with the figure predicted to skyrocket in the foreseeable future. Some facts to keep in mind here are:

  • 23 percent of people accessing emails on mobile devices read them at least one more time
  • 70 percent of emails accessed on mobile devices are re-read
  • 65 percent of the re-read messages result in a click
  • One-third of all clicks are performed on mobile devices
  • Subscriptions take place on mobile devices for the most part

There are various ways to optimize email campaigns for mobile devices, most of which are automated. Design matters, but some word count is no less important. Finally, landing pages also need to be mobile-ready — you wish those clicks to result in an action. The benefit email campaigns offer as compared to other forms of advertising is that they can be coupled with videos. They are not a must, admittedly; we’re just presenting a trick that can help you attain more customers. Boosting your ROI with mobile-ready campaigns is a great place to start. You can move to video later.

Email ROI: Figures Speak Louder than Words

Statistics show that email campaigns generate $44 per every dollar spent — if you know your customer base and make certain to send relevant content only within reasonable time-frames. Too many messages will be easily seen as spamming and irrelevant info will result in unsubscriptions. In actual fact, 78 percent of subscribers unsubscribe from too persistent services. The truth that the more people see your offer, then the greater the chance of a purchase, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Boosting your ROI with the help of email campaigns is easier if you use list segmentation.Info on demographics, behavior, location and purchase history will help you personalize messages and increase your ROI by up to 760 percent. Personalized messages are what sets your offer apart from the competition, and these include welcome messages, shopping cart reminders, order tracking, newsletters and sales announcements, to name a few.

boosting your ROI

Increasing Deliverability

Alas, all those efforts will go to waste if your messages don’t keep reaching customers’ inboxes. To prevent that from happening, choose a reputable email service and avoid spam trigger words like the plague (check out CAN-SPAM Act for guidelines). Also, an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the messages will prevent customers from flagging your emails as spam if they’re not interested in the offer.

Other factors to keep in mind are: handle IP address issues, track your email statistics, authenticate your emails, segment your messages, make sure your email service provider is not blacklisted, clean your email list regularly, check email deliverability with seed email accounts, allow recipients to manage preferences (unsubscribe), avoid spam-trigger words (see above) and don’t buy email lists.

Stats to Make Your Day

This seems like a whole lot of rules to keep in mind, we’re aware, but setting up your marketing campaigns properly is what will ensure deliverability in the long run, boosting your ROI in return. Here are some stunning figures to show why email campaigns the world of marketing:

  • Targeted email campaigns generate over 75 percent of the total email revenue
  • Transactional emails generate 6x more revenue than other email types
  • Transactional emails get 8x more clicks than other email types
  • Automated email campaigns have 50 percent conversion rates
  • 77 percent of marketers use email to send personalized content to subscribers
  • 67 percent of marketers use big data to personalize email campaigns 66 percent of marketers personalize email campaigns
  • 64 percent of marketers use mobile-optimized designs for email campaigns
  • 61 percent of consumers wish brands to contact them via email
  • 30 percent of marketers worldwide deem that email marketing generates the highest ROI

Newsletters and Sales Announcements: Recipe for Long-Term Success

Newsletters and sales announcements are the best way to increase your customer base. Those should be sent (like everything else) in moderation, and preferably in regular intervals. Newsletters can be bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly. Sales announcements may arrive whenever, as they are always welcome. Remember to add a touch of personalization to all the messages you send, and success is guaranteed!

With this information you’re ready to start your email marketing campaigns. Start with a baseline measurement so you can truly see when the boost in your ROI happens.

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