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How to Make an Emotional Connection With Consumers Through Your Website

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Fifty milliseconds. That’s all the time it takes for someone to establish an opinion about your website, and that opinion will go on to inform that person’s impression of your brand. It’ll also affect that potential customer’s every subsequent action—or inaction, at that. So how do you make an emotional connection with consumers? That’s why dynamic design is so important …

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Corporate Communications Challenges: Distributing Live Corporate Videos

In Leadership by Eric VidalLeave a Comment

Video has been big in just about every industry in recent years, so it makes sense that it’s also used frequently in the corporate world. In particular, live streaming video has exploded in popularity in the last couple of years. In fact, a survey by Wainhouse Research found that streaming video is considered an effective communications tool by 90 percent …

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The Most Important Principle of New Business Pitching

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I learned the most important lesson about new business pitching from an unlikely source for a man in my business: record producer Jimmy Iovine. In 2013 I was a proud dad sitting in the audience at the University of Southern California’s commencement ceremony. The keynote speaker was famous music producer and co-founder of Beats headphones, Jimmy Iovine. He told an …