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Remarketing vs. Retargeting: What They Are, Why You Need Them

In Social Media Strategyby Shelly Kramer1 Comment

Today’s consumers are digital creatures, so for brands, capitalizing on the connection and conversion opportunities provided by mobility is key. Remarketing and retargeting are two common and highly effective ways marketers generate and nurture leads. Although the strategies are often discussed as though they’re interchangeable, the truth is remarketing and retargeting are two different animals. Let’s explore what they are, …

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The New Tech + Media Landscape [and What You Need to Know to Survive It]

In Social Media Strategyby Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

After having this browser tab open for weeks on my desktop, I finally made time to dig into tech strategist, Michael Wolf’s presentation to the WSJDLive, the Wall Street Journal’s Global Tech Conference. What a great presentation this was and after making it through all 177 slides, it’s almost impossible to pick just a few topics to discuss, but I …

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Key to B2B Success: Marketing Automation

In Market Research, Social Media Strategy, Technologyby Shawn Elledge1 Comment

B2B companies are rapidly coming to the realization that marketing automation is table stakes in today’s business world. Marketing automation can deliver what marketers (and sales teams) and need most—ROI on marketing budget allocations and qualified leads in hand for sales teams. However, adopting and implementing marketing automation is rarely an easy undertaking. Let’s talk about why marketing automation is …

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B2B Marketing Automation: The Good, The Bad, and The Reality

In Market Research, Social Media Strategyby Eric VidalLeave a Comment

B2B marketing automation is hot right now. In fact, a recent report valued the systems revenue in the U.S. market at $1.8 billion—a 50 percent year-over-year increase for the third year in a row. Let’s explore the trends behind the growth, what challenges are facing the industry, and what it all means for your business. The Good  Marketing automation simply …