Everything About Content Marketing For Driving A Better Customer Experience

Everything About Content Marketing For Driving A Better Customer Experience

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Who cares about content marketing? Deep down, we’re pretty sure you do. For a lot of entrepreneurs out there, content marketing is just like the ex that got away. Everyone says they were good for you, but somehow, things didn’t work out and now you’re lying awake at 3am wondering what you could have done differently.

Does this complicated cycle sound familiar? It probably does.

Most marketing experts often say that content marketing drives a better customer experience. With this ultimate tip tucked close to your heart, you’ve tried rolling out the big content guns but nothing has worked for you. Now, you’re frantically skimming through this article to see if there’s a magical tip hidden between the lines.

Well, fortunately, there is. If you need a guide that would hold your hands and teach you everything you need to know about content marketing and the customer journey, this article is for you.

Why Should Your Marketing Be Customer-Oriented?

If you’ve been in the content marketing world for longer than two seconds, you must have been advised to make your marketing customer-oriented.

But why is this so important? It’s simple. Nothing beats good customer service in the grand scheme of things. By focusing your content on the consumers and not your brand, you’d be improving their experience.

Try to think of content marketing as a first date. No one wants to be stuck on a date with someone who constantly talks about themselves.

However, on the other hand, a consumer-oriented approach to content marketing makes your customers feel like you’re talking to them and are genuinely interested in their needs.

What else do you need to convince them to buy whatever you’re selling? It’s that simple. Focus on your customers when creating content and they’d fall in love with your brand. It’s love at first content marketing strategy.

How to Use Content Marketing to Drive a Better Customer Experience

Content marketing can be such hard work. From creating awesome content to pushing it out there for customers to see it, there’s just so much to do.

However, the results actually pay off in sales, conversions and an impressive ROI. One impressive bonus of using the right content marketing strategy is that you would definitely enjoy more visibility. For instance, if you offer essay writing services, the right content can make your brand pop up each time someone Googles the phrase write my essay.

Once you improve your customer experience with content, you’d be able to create a competitive brand.

Ready to join the content marketing club and swim with the big fishes? Here are a couple of tips to help you out:

Make Your Content Relatable

What’s the point of creating content if your target audience can’t relate with it? Creating unrelatable content is just like trying to organize a bike riding masterclass for fishes. When it comes to content creation, strive to make it seamless, enjoyable and relatable for your customers.

So, how do you do it? It’s simple, actually.

Take out a little time to study your target audience and their needs. For instance, if you own a skincare brand, there’s a huge chance that your target audience is made up of people who have various skin issues. As such, your content should revolve around skincare routines and other related issues.

You could also try injecting a little bit of humor into your content to make your customers less tight-lipped. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you could look at several content marketing examples to guide you.

One brand that has successfully mastered this art is Zomato, a restaurant finder mobile app. This brand occasionally uses humor in its content marketing strategy, giving their followers a thrilling and exciting experience. Could that be the magic behind their 1.3 million follower base on Twitter? Probably yes.

Offer Rewards and Incentives

Climbing Mount Everest may be hard, but you know what’s harder? Clicking on that button that says: “Subscribe to our email list”. Sure, it’s just one click or two, but studies have shown that most customers simply do not have the time to subscribe to yet another mailing list in addition to the thousands of lists they have probably already subscribed to.

This apathy can nip your content marketing plans right in the bud before you even begin. So how do you get past it?

Start by offering rewards and incentives for subscribing to your email list. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a trip to Disney World. It could be a free e-book or a free trial of a new product you’re launching.

The bottom line is: if you’re asking customers to do anything for you, you might as well attach a reward to the task.

Create Helpful Lists and Tips for Customers

Is your content really content if you aren’t adding value to your audience’s life? We don’t think so.

If you’re looking to boost customer experience through content marketing, it’s important to educate your customers every now and then. You could start off by sharing helpful tips they may need. For instance, your skincare brand could share helpful tips to your followers regularly.

This way, they’d be more willing to engage with your brand. Educating your customers also lets them know that you’re an expert in your niche and builds brand trust.

Apple has successfully mastered this trick and this explains why a lot of users simply can’t get over Apple products. Through ads, this brand occasionally shows users how to use their products seamlessly.

Everything About Content Marketing For Driving A Better Customer Experience

Interact with Customers

So, customers love your content. What’s next? Well, the next step is to interact with them. If they comment on your posts or articles, make sure you reply and interact with them.

This way, your customers would feel loved and more willing to engage with your brand next time.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to boosting customer experience, content marketing really does go a long way. However, not every brand owner has learned the ropes of using content marketing to drive a better customer experience. With these tips, you can now take your content marketing game up a notch and give your customers the experience they deserve.

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