How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy with a Low Budget?

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy with a Low Budget?

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Imagine you are straight out of grad school with a stunning idea you can’t wait to share with the world. You plan to start up a marketing agency you want to nurse to greatness. If so, you’re not alone, and we want to help you learn to create a good video marketing strategy.

There are tons of stats that show videos are an effective way to go. As a startup owner, you have a low budget, perhaps none at all. But that shouldn’t stop you. We have tips to help you make your videos hit the market running.

Watch Your Approach

If you go about something the right way, you will get the right result. No matter how good your video is, if you get too pushy it won’t gain traction. Your approach should be first to inform and educate the viewers. And don’t forget to entertain.

Take the example of the Newegg, a very successful electronics vendor that has never blatantly advertised any Newegg deals on camera. So, what do they do instead? They make online video reviews of their available items – laptops, tablets, PCs, and so on.

By doing this, they’re advertising their product while being transparent about the products’ characteristics. They’re presenting themselves as honest merchants and gaining trust from their clientele, which is what ultimately gets them a sale.

Develop Your Content

You don’t have money to throw around, so you need to make do with what you have. Chances are you have one of those smartphones with a great camera. So, no need to buy a camera, for starters. You and your friends (team) will create the videos. You might have to go online to learn how to make great videos with your iPhone and some other insights if you don’t already know how.

Promote Your Videos

Dumping your videos on YouTube is not enough – you must promote them. Yes, we remember, you don’t have money. However, partnering with the right people can go a long way in getting your videos in front of the right faces. This is where social media becomes your trusted friend. If you have great videos, family, friends, and their friends will not hesitate to share.

Now you know you can create a good video marketing strategy for less. Don’t let anything stop you.

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