Lead Gen through Social Media—Making the Most of Your Efforts

Lead Gen through Social Media—Making the Most of Your Efforts

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About 87 percent of adults are on social media these days, which means you have access to most of your target audience when your brand uses social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Clearly, social media is a powerful tool for reaching consumers, so why not focus on using it for lead gen? Well, you can, as long as you get strategic about your posts. Here’s how you can generate more leads by posting on the many social networks your target audience already uses.

Use Social Media to Promote Gated Content

If you use gated content on your website to generate leads, it should be easy to carry this tactic over to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just choose which pieces of content would most appeal to your target audience on social media. Then create an eye-catching post that will persuade viewers to click on the link, at which point they’ll be taken to a landing page with a form to fill out so they can download your gated content.

Keep in mind, visual posts perform best on social media, so make sure they all have an image or GIF that your audience will feel compelled to click on, along with a short description of what they can expect when they click. Your landing page should be equally appealing and simple so readers know what to do and what they’ll get in return for giving you their information.

Get Leads Through Contests

A fun way to get information from your followers on social media is to host a contest. People love to enter them—especially when you offer an appealing prize—and you can gather email addresses quickly. It’s a win-win! Well, maybe except for the people who lose the contest…

There are a few contest formats to choose from. Issuing a call for user-generated content is a popular one because people usually love to submit their work for a chance for a brand to show it off. Plus, you get lots of content to share on social media without having to create it yourself. Just make sure you know the rules for contests on each social network before you post one.

Use Polls to Generate Leads

People like polls almost as much as contests and social media offers an easy way to get people to do them. You can ask questions just for fun, or you can use this opportunity to get feedback on the products or services the respondents might like.

You might even get more ideas for content depending on the answers. For example, you can ask what your readers want to learn more about, or how much they understand a certain concept. Then you can write blog posts about it, and of course, post links to them on social media. You can also gather demographic information about your audience by posting pollsand surveys asking about it. Regardless of what you ask people about, social media polls can offer you new information and generate leads with ease, and it’s a great way to integrate online and offline marketing tactics.

Take Advantage of the Strengths of Each Social Network

Each social network is so different that it doesn’t make sense to treat them all the same. Every social media site has a type of post that works best on it. For example, Instagram is geared toward beautiful images, so save your most appealing photo posts for this site. Pinterest is perfect for sharing other people’s images, while Twitter is good for quick tips and short links. LinkedIn is an ideal platform for blog posts and links to articles. And of course, Facebook welcomes everything from links and images to polls and Facebook native videos.

But which sites should you post on specifically for lead gen? Well, each site seems to have its own tools to help with this. For instance, LinkedIn has Lead Gen Forms, which let LinkedIn members send you their contact information within seconds. This offering also lets you keep your leads organized and help track their ROI. But this isn’t the only lead gen tool LinkedIn has. It also makes it possible for brands to publish their own blog posts, often leading to great discussions in the comment section. Plus, there’s LinkedIn Elevate, which helps encourage employees of brands to share content their audience would like, improving lead generation through social sharing.

Instagram is another option. While the usual tactics—like contests and calls for user-generated content—are good for lead gen on Instagram, it turns out that organic social media no longer offers the reach it once did. So you should complement your regular posts with Instagram lead ads, which allow you to gather information like email, name, gender, and phone number. Not surprisingly, Facebook also has its own lead ads that work the same as Instagram’s. But this social network also lets you add a call-to-action button at the top of your business page so viewers can easily go to your website with one click.

Another way to generate leads through paid social ads is by using Twitter. This social network’s ads are often considered the most effective for lead generation because they let you target by keyword, can create a tailored audience easier than on other social sites, and can remarket to Twitter users who have recently engaged with your tweets. So apparently, Twitter’s paid ads are worth checking out if you want to get leads through social media.

Trying Out Lead Generation Through Social Media

If your brand already has pages on the main social media sites discussed here, you might have tried some of these tactics without even realizing how many leads they could get you. After all, for many brands, social media is a way to reach out and communicate with the target audience or even offer social customer service to current customers. Lead generation through social media might be a pleasant surprise for such brands. But now that you’re more focused on it, you can expect even more leads from social media.

Have you tried any of these tactics? If so, which ones have worked best for lead gen?

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