When it comes to putting together effective lead generation programs, our team’s expertise is deep. Whether you’re looking for webinar programs, cost per lead programs, or email marketing campaigns, we can deliver guaranteed results.


    Want guaranteed leads? Our webinar programs can deliver just that. We can help you develop webinars in a variety of different iterations. You can bring in your own experts and/or clients to present and/or speak, or we can tap the right experts with the right knowledge and expertise, and help put together incredibly successful webinar programs.

    If desired, our team of digital marketing experts, all of whom have spent hundreds of hours developing and giving presentations to audiences, both live and in webinar format, all over the world, can also be a part of your webinar offering.

    Our team will promote your webinar via our websites, our email newsletters, and various highly targeted email campaigns, as well as in the social media space. You will be able to interact with an invested audience, and also receive an opt-in contact list of webinar registrants and attendees.

    This campaign will allow you 4 to 6 week time frame within which to promote the webinar, including the aforementioned marketing initiatives, plus banners on our websites and paid advertising and social promotion.

    Cost Per Lead Programs

    We routinely develop successful cost per lead programs for clients across any number of verticals. Pricing for cost per lead programs varies based on the target audience, as well as how many filters are required.

    Email Marketing

    We can help you reach the marketing professionals you seek through targeted emails that leverage the Broadsuite Media Group to help deliver your message. There is a minimum list purchase policy of $2,000.