Small Brands Need Influencer Marketing

5 Reasons Why Small Brands Need Influencer Marketing

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Recent years have seen a massive increase in the use of influencer marketing strategies, and the popularity of such campaigns shows no sign of waning. Small brands and huge global companies are all getting in on the action, using influencer marketing to skyrocket their products to the top of social feeds all over the country.

There are a few reasons why influencer marketing has enjoyed such a cataclysmic rise to fame. It works, it delivers excellent ROI and it enables brands to connect with a specific target audience in a very personal way.

Small brands need influencer marketing because the power is even greater. Companies that lack the huge budgets required for national advertising campaigns can reap huge rewards from the clever use of influencer marketing.

If you’re wondering whether influencer marketing could be the next step in your digital marketing strategy, take a look at five key reasons why small brands need influencer marketing.

A Personal Touch

Authenticity is key when it comes to creating content that piques the interest of consumers. In today’s digital world, we’re very used to seeing products pop up on our timelines all day long. And that means it’s incredibly important that brands stand out from the crowd. Influencers can enable brands to do just that, by adding a personal touch to traditional marketing style content.

When an influencer shares a product with their audience, they do it in their own unique way. So, if a brand connects with the right influencer they can expect their product to be shared in an authentic way which resonates with the influencers’ follower base. Influencers will take their own product photographs, add their own photo editing styles and of course finish it off with a personal caption in their own unique tone of voice.

Money, Money Money

Quite often brands have huge aspirations when it comes to their marketing campaigns, but budgets will only stretch so far. And this is particularly true in small brands, where marketing budgets tend to be tight. For smaller companies, marketing spend tends to be lower, yet the emphasis on a campaign’s performance and ROI is even greater than it might be in a larger business. Small brands need influencer marketing to reach their customer base without spending much money.

The beauty of influencer marketing is that it’s accessible to companies of all sizes, with a wide range of different marketing budgets. Of course, the biggest influencers with the largest followings can command huge rates for a single post, but there are also vast numbers of micro influencers. These affordable influencers will have a smaller following, but can still prove hugely powerful as part of a targeted campaign.

Campaigns That Boost Your Sales

The end goal of all marketing campaigns is an improvement in sales. And when it comes to sales figures, influencer marketing definitely delivers. Digital marketing campaigns that focus on influencer marketing drive online traffic and sales from day one. When these campaigns are done well the results can be staggering.

With platforms like Instagram enabling influencers to link directly to product pages on companies’ websites, it’s easier than ever for consumers to see a product they like the look of and buy it immediately. Small brands need influencer marketing to boost sales which is far more effective than traditional marketing methods.

Marketing Gets Targeted

Clever targeting is crucial if you’re looking to run a successful digital marketing campaign, particularly if you’re on a strict budget. With influencer marketing, brands have total control over the influencers they choose to market their products. That means that companies are able to handpick the audiences their promoted content will be seen by.

The demographic of an influencer’s audience is hugely important, and in some cases can be even more important than the number of followers a certain influencer has. Often influencers with a smaller fan base tend to have a more engaged following, and can enable brands to reach a specific demographic more effectively. If you’re looking for a way to reach your target audience without wasting money appearing in front of the wrong consumers, influencer marketing is ideal.

A New Way to Power Engagement

Engagement should be one of the key concerns when designing any marketing campaign, and it’s easily powered by influencer marketing. We’ve mentioned the fact that micro influencers tend to have a more engaged audience, so let’s take a closer look at why that is.

The main reason why micro influencers offer the best engagement figures is the fact that they are more likely, and more able, to speak directly with followers who message them. Huge stars of social media would never be able to reply to individual messages from fans, which can lead to them losing out a little on engagement when compared with smaller influencers.

This engagement factor is well worth considering when thinking about how to use influencer marketing. If you’re looking for an affordable way to connect with an audience, a partnership with a micro influencer is hard to beat.

Such influencers will regularly connect with their audience, and they’ll spend huge amounts of time online doing so. This means that when they post about your product, they’re far more likely to advise followers who ask questions, and add an extra element of authenticity by responding to users’ comments.

Is Influencer Marketing for You?

Nothing boosts exposure and brand awareness quite like well targeted, specifically designed marketing campaigns that reach the audience you want to connect with. If you’re looking for a new way to power your digital marketing strategy and smash your targets, then influencer marketing could well be the secret weapon you need.

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