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Betting on e-Commerce and Social Media: Will the Snapchat and Amazon Partnership Pay Off?

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If you haven’t already spent enough money by clicking Facebook and Instagram ads specifically tailored to your individual shopping habits, watch out. This week, Snapchat and Amazon announced a partnership that brings augmented reality (AR) to the forefront of the social media shopping experience. Oh, and it makes it even easier to spend money in the process. As part of …

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Customer Experience Fuels Today’s Retail [Report]

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There was a time when retailing was a relatively straightforward process. Open a store, stock the shelves, advertise, and sell. In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, however, the digitally-immersed consumer has different expectations and there’s no question that customer experience fuels today’s retail. Consumers no longer just shop in stores, and they no longer just want to shop online. What …

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Alibaba vs. Amazon: The Battle of Disruptive Innovation Beyond Traditional E-Commerce

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If one thing is for certain, it’s that there is a dominant figure in the e-commerce world. I bet your mind instantly went to Amazon—and for good reason. They have 300 million active users, bring in billions of online revenue each year, and hold 49.1 percent of the US e-commerce market share. They are the literal definition of a tech …