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B2B Buyers Are Bored to Death with Your Marketing Speak

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B2B buyers have spoken, by way of a recent survey conducted by WHM and Propeller Insights, and they are bored to death with your marketing speak. Sound harsh? It’s not intended to be. Here’s the deal, B2B buyers are surrounded every day with creative, innovative, interesting content by way of time spent on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snap, and even Facebook …

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What B2B Buyers Want from Vendors [Report]

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What do B2B buyers want from vendors? Great question. I can tell you from personal experience that what we do not want is accepting a LinkedIn connection request and immediately getting a sales pitch. That? Bad form. In today’s digital first, customer-centric business landscape, B2B vendors would do well to step back from the standard business-as-usual, ‘we’ve always done it …