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Why a Data-Driven Marketing Culture Needs To Be at the Top of Your List

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The Western Digital “Growing Role of Object Storage in Solving Unstructured Data Challenges” study revealed that unstructured data is growing between 40-60 percent per year. Rich media – audio, video, images, and research data, all of which are non-text data types – are leading the pack of data sources. All of this data falls into the category of unstructured data, …

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3 Examples Of Old Industries Embracing Digital Disruption

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There’s definitely something about opening a book, flipping through the pages and smelling that new book smell. It brings back so many memories to put that VHS into the machine and listen to it spin. And there’s definitely not another feeling out there quite like manually shifting a car down a backroad. Right? Things change. Time moves on. As technology …

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The Next Role You Need to Fill—Analytics Translator 

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Big Data. It seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing about it. As more and more devices become connected via the IoT, companies everywhere are scrambling to collect, structure, and organize all of the data they can about their customers’ habits and desires. The only question: who is helping them use that data to maximize it’s power for their …