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Blockchain’s Impact on HR and the Future of Work

In Future of Work by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

Blockchain. Is it today’s annoying buzzword or a technology that’s going to change everything about the way we live, work, and do business? While we’re certainly not “there” yet, my vote is on the latter. So what is blockchain? It’s a digitally encrypted ledger that stores information publicly in groups called “blocks.” It’s completely decentralized database only gives access to …

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Don’t Believe the Hype: Understanding Blockchain’s Limits

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Every relationship goes through a “honeymoon” phase—a bit of time, generally at the start of the relationship, where everything is perfect, dreamy, and mind-blowing. In technology terms, the public has been enjoying that phase with blockchain. Everywhere we turn, we hear about blockchain’s benefits—transparency, security, the ability to build “trustless” business networks for just about anything. Until now, blockchain has …

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4 Ways Managed Cloud Services Drives Digital Transformation

In Digital Transformation by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Are you making the most of your managed cloud services? In today’s digital landscape, you’d better be. As important as technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), or augmented reality (AR) might be, they all have one thing in common: they rely on cloud technology to fuel them. In that sense, you could say managed cloud services drives digital transformation by …

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4 Digital Transformation Trends You Need to Know

In Technology and Innovation by Daniel Newman1 Comment

I’m not exaggerating when I say digital transformation has moved from nice-to-have to business imperative. But let’s face it: there are so many technologies coming at us today that’s it’s often difficult to know which to adopt and which to bypass. Being successful in today’s marketplace means utilizing the digital transformation trends that can do the most good for your …

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Is Your Company Ready for Blockchain?

In Technology and Innovation by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Okay, maybe you haven’t quite grasped the concept of blockchain on a technical level. But before you accept or nix the idea that your company is ready for blockchain, let’s take a few minutes to consider the technology’s benefits—specifically in relation to your company’s business goals. If you’re like most people, blockchain still feels like an amorphous magical creature that …