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How to Create More Meaningful Connections in a Remote World

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In this episode of Future of Work Talk and the Futurum Tech Webcast, host Shelly Kramer is joined by Shameem Smillie, the Director of Global Contact Center Solutions at Mitel for a conversation around connection, personalized customer experiences, and what ‘meaningful connections’ mean in a digital world, what the future of work looks like in post-pandemic times — and some practical ways businesses can think about strengthening their communication skills.

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4 Ways Collaboration Platforms Make Your Business More Productive

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How often is your department – or even your team – in the same place at the same time? Exactly. A combination of on-site and remote employees is the norm. Mobility reigns. Getting things done across teams, departments and even continents means we are using collaboration platforms more than ever. When collaboration technologies are well integrated into operations and company …

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Developing an Agile Business Model in Today’s Ecosystem

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Change is just about the only thing we can count on in digital transformation. Disruption is coming at businesses from every direction in today’s ecosystem, and those companies who aren’t prepared to duck and weave to survive it won’t survive. Studies show that more than 40 percent of S&P 500 companies have gone by the wayside since 2000; another 50 …