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5 Reasons DevOps and Security Need to Work Together

In Security by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

There is nothing like speeding up your business processes and development cycles is there? DevOps has revolutionized the way businesses meet the constantly evolving needs of their customers, without sacrificing productivity. Even as good as it sounds, it can still come at a price if DevOps and security are not working together. With the speed at which new iterations are …

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CyberSecurity–The Greatest Challenge CISOs Face Today

In CIO/IT by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

What a time to be alive! The rapid advances of technology and dawn of an era dominated by the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed pretty much everything about life as we know it. Which is why it’s no surprise that cybersecurity is perhaps the greatest challenge CISOs face today. But let’s back up. Why is the IoT such a …