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Building a Smart City from the Ground Up

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You could say digital transformation has been in a bit of a holding pattern—at least when it comes to building a smart city. Sure, we’ve mastered smart buildings—to the point that most of us can manage our home security, lighting, and temperature simply by tapping our smart phones. But when it comes to moving beyond the building or campus to …

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Is Facebook done? No. Not yet anyway. But the social network is skating on very thin ice

In Social Media Strategy, Technology by Olivier BlanchardLeave a Comment

Many of you have asked for my opinion on the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data scandal and what it means for the future of Facebook so here it is: No company can survive very long without its customers’ (or users’) trust. Banks, insurance companies, retailers, hotels… it doesn’t matter: Lose your customers’ trust, and they will take their business elsewhere. …