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10 Stats Linking Employee Experience with Customer Experience

In Future of Work by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

I ran across an infographic in a Forbes article recently, exploring the 10 stats linking employee experience to customer experience. It really is a thing, you know—employee experience impacts customer experience, in more ways than you might realize. When companies focus on creating culture and providing a great employee experience, it affects every aspect of the business, including the customer …

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Developing an Agile Business Model in Today’s Ecosystem

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Change is just about the only thing we can count on in digital transformation. Disruption is coming at businesses from every direction in today’s ecosystem, and those companies who aren’t prepared to duck and weave to survive it won’t survive. Studies show that more than 40 percent of S&P 500 companies have gone by the wayside since 2000; another 50 …

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Rise in Real-Time Engagement Evaluation

In Technology and Innovation by Eric VidalLeave a Comment

In today’s data-driven business environment, engagement evaluation tools traditionally reserved for measuring customer engagement are being applied to performance management systems, succession planning initiatives, and change management strategies. Employees want more feedback and companies are adapting tools already in use to give it to them. Companies are using real-time engagement evaluation to improve both the customer and employee experience. The …