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LinkedIn: The Most Important Channel for B2B Marketers

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As a B2B marketer you may consider LinkedIn nothing more than a job search site, but if that’s what you’re thinking, you’re dead wrong. While LinkedIn is without question the first place people go when they’re looking for a new job, the world’s biggest business social network is also a veritable powerhouse of business opportunities. Want to know why LinkedIn …

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LinkedIn Video for B2B Brands is a No-Brainer

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According to a study developed by LinkedIn, some 94 percent of B2B marketers report using LinkedIn as their number one social media channel for distributing content. Based on my personal experience working with many B2B brands, this is true. Sort of. If B2B brands are using social at all, sometimes they are using LinkedIn. Sometimes well, most times not so …

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Can Artificial Intelligence Fuel Your Lead Generation Efforts?

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Let’s play a little word association game. I say:  Connecting with your audience and improving brand awareness. You say:  Content and Social! I say:  Staying competitive in a mobile world. You say:  Digital transformation! I say:  Revolutionizing B2B sales and lead generation. You say:  Artificial intelligence! Wait . . . what? Yes, it’s true. Here’s why. Siri and Cortana, meet …