Twitter Marketing 2020: 4 Actionable Steps to Start Now

Twitter Marketing 2020: 4 Actionable Steps to Start Now

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With 330 million active monthly users, you don’t need an explanation of why Twitter must be a part of your digital marketing strategy. While it’s essential to grow a Twitter following, you also need to implement some actionable steps to increase engagement and brand awareness. There are all kinds of different marketing opportunities on Twitter, so we’ve put together the top four strategies to implement into your Twitter marketing plan for 2020 if you want to succeed.

Step #1: Twitter Chats

To succeed, you have to also get your current followers to become more active. With Twitter chats, you have the tool you need right at your fingertips.

Twitter chats are productive because people participating enjoy social media engagement. They aren’t looking to solely consume content and distribute their own agenda. These people hope to interact, which is precisely what you want.
Search out Twitter chats that are related to your business industry. For example, in the marketing realm, you want to target entrepreneurs and business owners. If you can’t find something that appeals to you, go ahead and start a new Twitter chat.

The way to succeed is to be more than one of the spectators. Add value and set yourself apart in the group. Start by using Canva or other tools to create a unique Twitter image without any skill.

Make sure you reply to the other chatters. In fact, the majority of what you write should be in response to the other comments. As you do so, @mention them, so it doesn’t get missed.

Step #2: Plan Ahead

You can’t curate content if you don’t have a schedule in mind. Flying by the seat of your pants will only go so far. For a Twitter marketing plan, you want to have the content mapped out for at least a month, if not longer.

So, if it is September, it’s time to think about the Tweets you will be making during Halloween. By November, you will have your holiday and other special event information prepared, and so on.

Once the time comes, make sure you add any relevant trending hashtags to your post. By having the information prepared in advance, you are ready if the topic goes viral before you were scheduled to post.

Step #3: Utilize Twitter Video

When it comes to digital video marketing, Twitter might not be your first platform choice, but you don’t want to overlook the possibilities. With Twitter, you have several video options that could be successful.

Start with the Twitter native video feature. With this setup, you can record videos lasting up to 140 seconds and upload it to your stream.

There is also the option to use Periscope, which is owned by Twitter. With Periscope, you can integrate your live stream to show up in your followers’ feeds. Even when the streaming is over, your followers can watch the recording.

Brainstorm the ways that your company can integrate video into your current Twitter marketing strategy and get started. Trial and error might be required to figure out what your audience enjoys.

Step #4: Set Goals and Follow Through

A quick search online brings up countless Twitter marketing success tips you have heard over and over again, yet no one talks about goals. You can’t have an effective marketing strategy without goal-setting, so it must be discussed.
Without milestones and objectives in place, you don’t know what you are aiming for. This step is where many companies fall short with social media marketing efforts.

For many companies, advertising on Twitter becomes auto-pilot without a lot of thought or care. However, to adequately improve the brand image and increase engagement, you want to focus on some of the following goals.

  • Build a larger following
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Respond to complaints faster
  • Generate more leads
  • Acquire more website traffic from Twitter
  • Network with more influencers and bloggers

With these objectives in mind, you can establish more-specific milestones to gauge success.

For example, consider turning those goals into actionable steps, such as:

  • Increase retweets and @mentions by 20%
  • Maintain a customer response time of fewer than five minutes
  • Acquire a response rate of more than 90%
  • Generate 30 new leads from Twitter
  • Add 200 new contacts from Twitter
  • Improve referral traffic by 25%

These goals are measurable, but should also include a deadline. You might choose to set your goals weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Do what works for you and your team, but make sure you are tracking the results to determine where there is room for improvement.

With the right tools in place, you are sure to have Twitter marketing success.

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