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Unique Ways Businesses Recruit Top Talent

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Top talent can be hard to come by these days, and the pool is only becoming more and more competitive. This makes it difficult not only for applicants eagerly seeking a job, but it can also make the hiring process more strenuous for companies. Every team wants the best of the best, and there are a number of unique methods companies are using to recruit top talent. Check out a few of them below, and see if there are any that could be applicable to your own recruitment process.


We live in a fast-paced world, and it can be tricky to balance work life with life outside of work. Some companies have shown that they understand and want to make that balance as achievable as possible for current and future employees. Rightfully so, some candidates view it as a deciding factor in whether or not they choose to apply to a certain company.

For example, offering a flexible work schedule arrangement gives employees a chance to work at their peak productivity times, it also helps to illustrate that employers trust their workers to create their own schedules and still deliver quality work. This is an easy way to recruit top talent. Remote positions are also intriguing to many job-seekers. It gives them a chance at jobs outside of their geographical location and allows companies to snag the best talent for their vacant positions regardless of candidate location. Demand for remote positions is on the rise. In fact, two of the top three benefits employees say they want incorporate remote work.

Other less common, but equally important, benefits involve features like giving time off specifically to participate in volunteer work. Not many companies engage in this practice, but it’s a big draw and can make you stand out from the potential employers. It shows that you care about something other than numbers and bottom lines and that you want your employees to share that same kind of compassion. If you’re aiming to attract a younger crowd, this is a good way to capture their attention. Millennials value more than just a generous health benefits package or an impressive salary. Creating time for volunteer efforts and acknowledging life outside of work in general can set your business apart from the pack. Salesforce, for example, offers employees up to 56 hours of paid volunteer time a year. It can also be a great way for employees to bond and spend time together outside of the office. What ways can you use time to recruit top talent?

Health and Wellness

Personal health is something we usually prioritize, but it isn’t always supported or encouraged professionally. Some companies take basic measures such as offering gym memberships, while others go above and beyond to encourage a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally.

Some companies have in-office gyms, offer team workout classes, or even provide a Fitbit or other health tracking device to get their employees moving while also creating some healthy competition. It’s also crucial not to underestimate the importance of promoting good mental health. There are a number of creative ways to advocate mental wellbeing in order to recruit top talent. This can be as simple as offering yoga classes, meditation courses, art programs, or something more in-depth like counseling.

American Express has a “Healthy Minds” program where they offer part-time in-office counselors and bring in a clinical psychologist to assess the program and make sure it’s as helpful as possible. When you openly acknowledge common issues that other businesses often ignore, it can advertise to potential applicants that you care about more than just your revenue.


Some companies tie all these benefits together in one all-encompassing package by offering on-site housing, education, fitness centers and more to recruit top talent. Oracle recently opened a “campus” to attract recent college graduates. Their “Class Of” program is located in Austin, Texas where there have offices, training centers, apartments, social events and even a Starbucks.

The idea was hatched during a conversation CEO Mark Hurd had with his daughter and her recently-graduated friends from college. The plan was to introduce a startup culture to a big company while offering new hires a strategy for upward momentum in their industry. Through this program, they are trained and eventually given their own sales territory. It’s a unique take on hiring, but providing a clear path for success and several additional benefits like the familiar feeling of a college campus seems to be paying off. Although this is a newer program, other companies such as Google have taken similar approaches in the past. Regardless of your industry, getting creative with your benefits does make a difference and will attract the best talent in the end.

Recruit Top Talent Your Own Way

Take the time to create a profile of your ideal candidate and imagine and what would appeal to them. There are a number of ways you can stand out, but it’s imperative that you know what your target audience is looking for too if you want to recruit top talent. Don’t feel like you have to follow any of the above methods to the letter or even that you have to take exactly the same approach as your competitors. Think outside the box, and you’ll be sure to entice the best talent your field has to offer.

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