Video Tools To Help You in 2018

Video Tools To Help You in 2018

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2017 was dubbed the year of the video by marketing thought leaders, and for a good reason. In an article I wrote back in November, I discussed several video marketing trends that saw success this past year. I mentioned how a whopping 84 percent of consumers had made a purchasing decision after watching an introductory video for a product or service. Video works. The question is how do you make video work for your business? The following are four unique video tools and services to help you in 2018.


Shooting video is easy. Producing quality videos takes skill. Using VidProQuo is like having an in-house video editor. All you have to do is shoot your video and upload it to their web portal. Their video editing team takes care of the rest.

You get back a professionally edited video with licensed background music and customized intro and outro bumpers. The price is $390 a month per user, which includes the following:

  • No limit on video uploads
  • Video editing
  • Graphic and music bumpers
  • Optimization for online use
  • No limit on revisions is a photo and video collection platform where users can make slideshows, collages, and galleries out of their content. They’re on this list because of their recent launch of Promo, their marketing video creation platform for businesses.

Promo is a DIY platform with millions of pre-shot videos and pre-recorded music clips. All videos and music clips are licensed for commercial use, so all you have to do is select the right combination for your business and add your message.

Promo has four price tiers, ranging from $49 to $359 a month. The top-tier agency package includes the following:

  • 15 videos per month
  • Access to 3 million videos and music clips
  • Lifetime licensing for videos
  • Ability to upload original footage
  • Integration with Facebook


Creating video is only half the battle. Video marketing success comes down to how you manage your videos. Vidyard helps businesses use their video content to collect user data and convert viewers into customers. They offer a slew of tools.

The Vidyard Asset Manager allows users to make changes to multiple videos at a time. The personalized video feature gives users the ability to target a specific prospect with a custom video based on personalized viewing data. Their most intriguing tool is Vidyard Live.

Vidyard Live is a live streaming tool that lets you go live anywhere, including directly from your website. It lets you capture personalized viewer data and capitalize on the traffic instead of funneling your traffic to a social media platform.

They do not offer a tier-based pricing system. All businesses get a customized package with a custom price.


Artificial Intelligence isn’t just improving fields like manufacturing. Magisto uses A.I. to create professional marketing videos in a matter of minutes. Users select their desired video, music, and graphics, and the A.I. creates the video.

Magisto offers three price tiers, ranging from $2.49 to $39.99 a month when you purchase an annual plan. The top-tier business package includes the following:

  • Videos up to 10 minutes long
  • Access to business editing styles
  • Over 150,000 stock videos
  • Video analytics
  • Ability to embed video on any website
  • Email marketing tools


Video marketing is here to stay. You need a video marketing strategy if you want to grow your business in 2018. To help you get started download this complimentary video strategy workbook.

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