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Workshop: Webinar Master Class

Air Date: Jun 14, 2018 | OnDemand

In our Webinar Master Class, learn successful tactics on what to do before, during and after a webinar. Webinars play an important role in education and lead generation strategies for businesses of all sizes and helping you become a webinar master is exactly what this interactive workshop is intended to do. In this interactive workshop, we will explore everything you need to do before, during and even after your webinar to be successful. Our very own CMO and webinar expert, Eric Vidal, will lead this course and provide real-world best practices on how to prepare your content, engage with the audience, promote your event and weave webinars into your marketing strategy and mix of programs. Eric will work with each workshop attendee, and at the conclusion of the workshop, you’ll walk away with a customized task list and best practice guide to implement at your company. No fee, register now. Each attendee will learn the following:

  • How to create compelling content for webinars
  • How to keep your audience engaged
  • How to leverage video into your webinar strategy
  • The big mistakes that your peers most often make (and how to avoid them)
  • How to promote your online event
  • How to keep your content and conversation alive even after the webinar is over

Attendees will also:

  • Receive best practice guide
  • Receive a tailor made task list and best practice guide to implement at your company

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