What is the Role of Marketing Automation in the B2B Landscape?

What is the Role of Marketing Automation in the B2B Landscape?

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B2B marketing has its own nuances. There are processes that have distinctive implications. Although unique to the B2B landscape, a greater chunk of all the processes combined are repetitive and susceptible to human error. If we automate all the mundane tasks involved in marketing, marketers who are otherwise caught up in these repetitive tasks will be able to devote more time in creating strategies, problem-solving, and applying their cognitive faculties to enhance their marketing endeavors.

The infographic that follows emphasizes certain aspects of marketing automation and its impact on B2B businesses. It answers some of the most common and frequently asked questions on marketing automation like:

  • Why more and more marketers are consistently adopting automation?
  • What is the adoption rate and growth rate of marketing automation?
  • What are the benefits of B2B marketing automation?
  • How effective do businesses find marketing automation?
  • What are the barriers to the adoption of marketing automation?
  • What is the roadmap of marketing automation in the B2B sector?

Overall it also explains the benefits of marketing automation for the B2B companies such as, how it helps to increase revenue, saves time by streamlining the process, facilitates cross-team collaboration, and improves the lead generation process.

While the majority of the companies are reaping huge success via marketing automation, some of them are facing specific barriers for integrating it into their marketing process, which is briefly explained in this infographic. The benefits provided by marketing automation outweigh the challenges, motivating companies to implement different automation techniques such as profiling and targeting, email automation, and dynamic content, to improve their long-term business results.

This detailed infographic below provides precise information about the impact of marketing automation on B2B companies, resulting in an even better understanding of the subject.

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